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Navigating Challenges: Free Streaming Platforms in the Face of Declining Discretionary Spending

Free streaming platforms face challenges as discretionary spending continues to decline and consumer churn rates rise. In 2021, effective customer value management campaigns can help to decrease churn rates and increase retention. Free streamers can monetize content by selling merchandise such as t-shirts and mouse pads. Customers can comment on the merchandise during streams, allowing […]

Isaiah Woods: The Genius Scientist and Philosopher Pushing the Boundaries of Knowledge

Isaiah Woods, the Waldorf, MD native, is no ordinary scientist. At just 20 years old, he has created his own profession called “Isamath,” which involves studying every subject and how it interconnects with other subjects to create the life experience we know today. With a keen interest in the universe, Isaiah has researched topics like […]

The perfect Method for Night Job

One specific act is so reliably harmful that we’ll cover it in depth later. The Wall of Demise is a motor-sports activity where motorcycles or cars race across the walls of a cylinder ring while performing trick stunts. Samantha Morgan, a pioneer Wall of Death rider, died in 2008 of headaches from her accidents. It […]

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