Interview with VILA’s Designer Ida Chalmer

As many of you probably know by now, I work closely together with. I get to see lots of cool stuff before the big audience does and I love sharing that privilege with you, my readers.

This interview is all about the upcoming summer and gives you an exclusive peek into their collection. Curious about what VILA will bring to the table this season? Designer Ida Chalmer spills the beans!

“A lot is happening with textiles at the moment”, Ida explains. “We have seen a lot of influences from the sportswear part of the fashion world for many seasons, and now we are turning towards a less obvious version of this. At VILA we are fascinated by the high-tech possibilities in the textile department, where paper-thin fabrics can be made into wonderful items.”

What about knitwear: in which direction is it heading?

Ida: “I don’t think we, as consumers, will ever tire of knitwear. Every spring we need new pieces, and every summer we feel a need for very light ones. What is happening now is a more structured approach, where very fine and slender knitwear is combined with chunkier items – often even in the same style.”

Is there a general direction, as you see it, that high street fashion is heading in?

Ida: “High street fashion, as we see it right now, is influenced a lot by the trend of honest products. We see it in food and cosmetics, and at VILA we also sense it. We have a need to wear styles that are honest. At VILA, for in- stance, we translate that need into cotton pieces that both look and feel like cotton, where the material is at its best.”

What can we expect from VILA this summer?

Ida: “Lots of prints, cotton, dresses, and an honest approach to enjoying the summer, sun and fashion, and hopefully and upcoming collaboration with the fab Cutler and Gross Glasses. Fashion is at the heart of everything we do, so with VILA you can look forward to enjoying a very fashionable and fun summer.”

What do you think, do you like the collection?