There is a wide range of singing styles and genres in the world of music. Various cultures around the world have their own scales and modes. Therefore, a lot of different types of music exist. If you take are an aspiring singer then here is a list of some most common genres and styles of music that you can choose from. 

  1. Rock 

Rock is considered to be a grandchild of the blues. The defining feature of the genre is that it’s edgier and rougher. Rocksingers generally have a vocal flair.They love to experiment with different sounds like growling at the end of their songs. But make sure you experiment in moderation, because overdoing it may ruin your music. 

  1. Pop

Pop is a fun and at the same time romantic kind of music. It is more bubbly than sentimental and it dances with rhythm. Pop singers tend have an entertaining personality. Performing a pop isn’t just about singing the song, it is a whole power packed performance where you have to dance and sing together. Pop singers should have a strong control over their vibrato. They are known for experimenting with different kind of sounds and tunes. Madonna, Prince and Whitney Houston are some of the greatest pop singers that the world has ever seen. So, if Madonna is your inspiration then you should definitely choose pop for your singing/vocal lessons

  1. Jazz

Jazz has its roots in ragtime and blues. It was originated by the African-American communities. Jazz is considered to be a sophisticated version of blues. It is defined by its clear speech level. If you want to become a good jazz singer then you should be aware about its history.You should also listen to the old jazz legends to know more about the genre. Jazz singers generally work with different pitch slides and scatting.  

  1. Opera 

It is the one of the most formal genres of singing. It is sung with an uncontrolled vibrato. It is a total emotional release. Opera singers generally have a very strong voice and the ability to bring that emotion into the song. 

  1. Hip-Hop 

Hip-hop emerged in the 1970’s. It is high rhythm music. This rhythmic singing is generally paired with rapping and beat-boxing. It has gained popularity over the years, in fact it has a significant influence on various other genres as well such as pop, country etc. Hip-Hop singers have a good control over beats and rhythm. Wordplay and nasality are thecharacterizing features of the genre. Singers create their own signature styles using these elements of the Hip-Hop music. 

These were some of the most common music genres. You should choose the genre which suits your personality the best and you are most comfortable with. Make sure you are aware about all the genres and their defining features before choosing a particular style. This will ensure that you do not choose the wrong music style for yourself. To reap maximum benefits out of your singing lessons, select a genre which speaks to you and fuels your desire to become a better singer.