Everything You Need to Know About The VIP Club Benefits

People who enjoy playing online rummy know that it is a fun and challenging game. As rummy involves excitement and strategic planning, people like to play it to pass time and get a break from their hectic routine.

Rummy is a pass time for some people and a way of earning money for others. This is why KhelPlay Rummy offers different ways of playing rummy for its different types of players. No matter, if you just want to play for entertainment or for making some money, KhelPlay Rummy got your back.

If you are someone who loves playing online rummy and it is a part of your daily schedule, then KhelPlay Rummy has something for you – The KhelPLay Rummy VIP Club.

The KhelPlay Rummy VIP Club is for the ones who love to spend their spare time playing online rummy and the ones who like to play big. It is an exclusive program where you are also rewarded for your loyalty because you show your trust and loyalty towards us.

How to become a VIP player?

To become a VIP player on KhelPlay Rummy, a player has to meet certain criteria. After that, the VIP Relationship Managers from KhelPlay Rummy will contact the player and invite them to the VIP3 Club. The managers will also guide these players on how they can level up from VIP3 Club and get into VIP2 and VIP1 Clubs.

Once a player becomes a VIP member, he/she can enjoy all the VIP benefits and will remain a VIP for the next 60 days.  

Becoming a VIP on KhelPlay Rummy might not be a piece of cake but it is surely worth the wait as numerous surprises await you at the VIP Club. 

What are the VIP benefits?

At KhelPlay Rummy, you will be surprised by the benefits you get once you become a VIP. Given below are the benefits you will enjoy once you become a VIP Club member on KhelPlay Rummy.

  1. VIP Relationship Managers

Once you join the VIP Club, you will get VIP Relationship Managers at your service available from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

  • Priority Service
  • At KhelPlay Rummy, once you become a VIP member then you will enjoy an unmatched service. Your queries and needs will be kept on priority and we won’t let you face any problem. This simply means, if you become a VIP player then your issues will be solved at the earliest.

  • Exclusive cashback & bonuses
  • If you are a KhelPlay Rummy VIP player, then you will get access to cashback and bonuses exclusively before the other players.

  • Higher Loyalty points
  • Once you become a VIP member, you will get higher loyalty points as compared to the other players. This is one of the biggest perks of joining the VIP Club.

  • Loyalty bonuses and cash bonuses
  • With the VIP benefits, you get everything first. Even the loyalty bonus and cash bonus you get will be available to you exclusively.

  • Special Birthday offer
  • If it’s your birthday, we know how to make it special. With KhelPlay Rummy, you get special birthday offers just because you are a VIP member.

  • Free entry to VIP-exclusive & big-ticket tournaments
  • The VIP Club membership gives you entry to VIP-exclusive tournaments and big-ticket tournaments. These tournaments are exclusive and at times not available for other players, but the VIP players only.

  • Personalized offers
  • The VIP Club membership also provides personalized offers, which are specially created according to your choices.

  • Priority withdrawals
  • With VIP Club membership, your withdrawals become a priority. When you like to withdraw your winnings, as a VIP member, your request becomes a priority.

  • Gifts on special occasions
  • With KhelPlay Rummy VIP Club, you get gifts on special occasions like festivals and birthdays.

    The KhelPlay Rummy VIP Club comes with a lot of perks and you will love it if you love playing online rummy.

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