Gloryhole swallow at bathroom

It’s been a while since I played with the boys. The cock continued to swell, thinking that she was surrounded by naked men who were in the same place for the same purpose. I had been to San Jose’s (only?) A few weeks ago, bathhouse, the Water Garden, but nothing happened that night, and nothing was worth noting anyway. The water garden didn’t pan out, so I decided to cook hunting at Berkeley’s Steamworks last week. I arrived late in the afternoon, renewed my membership, put my valuables in the safe deposit box, picked up the key, moved to the locker and exchanged it. The “changes” are a bit more: “strips” are similar.

After locking up, I wore only flip-flops, walked to the counter, and received a towel and a smile. As I was careful, I got thicker, and the cock started to hang down, so I went back and forth. About me: I’m Jake. Bisexual, size queen, exhibitionist, I’m 7½ “cut, nice body, nice ass, 5’11”, long brown hair, lovely blue eyes … I’m a catch. My girlfriend Lisa is also a queer (and catch), and she gets off on my queer side, so I can sometimes go to the baths with her encouragement and have fun and play safely. I took a walk away from the counter with a towel over her shoulder and headed for the shower. After rinsing, I dipped it in the bathtub for a while.

Isn’t it a good idea to check the meat before sampling? After chatting with some nice guys, I headed out back, picked up the popper, and put a towel on my shoulder again. The Outback is a vast, dark area filled with all sorts of Glory Hall booths. I look for that place: it’s perfect for good old, anonymous, nasty pig sex—my kind of setup. I hadn’t seen anyone who wanted to kneel yet, so I climbed one staircase on the catwalk (the platform is about 3 feet up, so passersby are about face-height) and drape. I hung a towel on the wall, stood in front of a big hole, and hung my fat meat for anyone to sample. Honey, It was heaven, just standing there, closing my eyes. My cock was pulsing, tired, but not yet noticed. I enjoyed the time on display when I felt my soft lips wrapped around and inhaling the hanging cockhead. I was sceptical at first, as usual (I rarely get off with a blow job), but after a few seconds, I realized that this bitch knew what he was doing. This was a terrific blowjob. I opened my eyes and saw a sweet and handsome older man working on my cock with a mouth that I had to have more. I reached out and caressed his head, and he looked up, pulled out my rooster, and smiled at me. When I smiled, he gently stroked my flesh and asked if we could go to the toilet stalls so that we could continue working.

I was crazy about darkness and anonymity, but this was too good to let go, so I agreed. I grabbed my stuff and chased him to a friendly and clean stall in the bathroom. He told me to sit down and lie down when I put a folded towel on the ground to cushion his knees. He put me back in his mouth and moaned as I did … Jisas, he was good. His technique was great. He took me all the way, hugging me there, pushing my cock’s head against his throat, swelling his tongue along the underside of my shaft, from his head to the base. He did this for a while, pulled back, tightened his lips and tongue around my cock, twisted his hand along its length, and stopped at the tip. Then repeat, firmly warm and undo. He smoked my cock meat many times and made me even more relaxed until I leaned my head back and slid my butt forward in the bathroom to be comfortable. I hit a few times from the popper, recapped the bottle, leaned my head against the tile wall, and moaned when the rush hit me. He joined me with an ecstatic chorus and speeded up just a little bit. At this point, I realized that I might be coming from this blowjob. This was very rare for me, which allowed me to spread my legs and be more open to his service. I remember looking up at the ceiling, surprised at how hot and gay this scene was and how lucky I was to be in it. I looked down at my newly found anonymous lover and hit him a few more times while blending in with him. I loved the feel and sight of my cock in his beautiful and talented mouth, the sound of our combined moans, and the rise of the orgasm of the building.

When the rush hit me, my cock swelled further, and I shouted, “I’m coming … I’m cominnngggg!” He just kept pace: refusing to pull back, his commitment to satisfying his man pushed me to the limit. While he continued to work, I shot my luggage into his mouth and throat with a violent tremor—what a mess. The orgasm kept waving, and I got over it; my head was thrown back in ecstasy, my screams were jerky and sweet … when I got off, he was my fat. While swallowing the load, I heard the unmistakable sound of his jackoff. I opened my eyes. “Continued, Baby, you’re perfect on your knees.” His eyes widened, and his pace was faster with it. “You like it, baby?” A nod to my cook. “Knee down in this bathroom while I’m in the bathroom and suck me up. You’re a dirty little bitch, right?”

“Mmmmmmmhmmmmmmm …” “Good boy,” I moaned, but my cook got a little softer. His technique focused on me. “I like you right there. Take my luggage on your lap like a good bitch.” This kicked him off the edge, as I heard only heavy moans and moans when his throat robbed my cock. When he bumped his luggage against the tile floor, I felt him moaning. When he returned to Earth, I slid my ass back, and my cock popped out of his mouth and stood up. I reached out and helped his feet. “I’m Jake,” I smiled. “I’m John,” he smiled, and his lips glazed with my semen. “Of course you are.” I picked up the towel and laughed as I walked away to give back to someone else. I was ready to put the meat in my mouth, and the Outback was calling …

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