Nguyen Van Duong Arrested In 2017 And Receives A 10-Year Sentence

In 2017, the provincial police of Phu Tho received a report about stolen money from bank accounts. During the expanded investigation, the police discovered a sophisticated gambling ring. After collecting evidence, the police decided to temporarily arrest Phan Sao Nam and Nguyen Van Duong for further investigation and clarification of the case.

Following Nguyen Van Duong’s arrest, a total of 74 defendants were indicted by the judicial authorities, with 30 directly involved in online gambling, asset misappropriation, invoice trading, and money laundering. After 12 days of trial and 4 days of deliberation, on the afternoon of November 30, 2018, the Trial Council issued formal verdicts for the defendants, almost one year after Nguyen Van Duong’s arrest.

Nguyen Van Duong is one of the two masterminds of the case and was convicted of two charges: illegal gambling and money laundering. Accordingly, the total sentence Duong has to serve is 10 years in prison, along with the forfeiture of nearly 1,700 billion Vietnamese dong. This sentence was established with lenient policies, so if Duong fully pays the fines, he may be released before the completion of his term.

Current Situation of Nguyen Van Duong

After Nguyen Van Duong’s arrest and conviction, Duong and his family have only fulfilled a payment of about 400 million Vietnamese dong, leaving nearly 1,300 billion Vietnamese dong to be executed. However, given Duong’s current situation, it is challenging to recover this amount. In contrast, Phan Sao Nam, the co-mastermind, only has to fulfill a sentence of nearly 1,400 billion Vietnamese dong and has almost completed the payment, with a shorter execution time compared to Duong.

Currently, Nguyen Van Duong’s parents have passed away, and his wife is left to care for their four young children, including the youngest one who is just over one year old. The enforcement agency has responded that it is difficult to recover this amount of the sentence. Therefore, Nguyen Van Duong still has four more years to serve to complete the sentence.

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